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Who We Are

The Salon Professional School of Cosmetology was  founded in 2020 by Detroit native Kanika Free. Since the age of 7, Kanika knew she wanted to have three careers in life: teaching, hairstyling, and to become a mail carrier; yes, a mail carrier. She went to college, got a degree in Social Work and at the same time enrolled in Cosmetology school where I discovered I could teach Cosmetology. How cool is that? So in 2012, Kanika was blessed to earn a degree and diploma. Shortly after in 2013, Kanika gained licensure to teach Cosmetology. From then, she worked at three different institutions corporately and privately owned and gained a wealth of knowledge. In each experience, she always thought that she could do more to help future students. Having a teacher's heart,  Kanika knew she could do more to help the community. Although she never became a mail carrier, in some ways Kanika has something valuable, special  and important to deliver to the community. 


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