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Current Program Offerings

We currently offer Cosmetology , Manicuring, and Instructor Trainee programs. We cultivate well-rounded, technically skilled beauty professionals in all areas. We are your debt-free solutions to career education. 

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Cosmetology | 1500 Hours

The Salon Professional School of Cosmetology provides

hands-on cosmetology...


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Manicuring | 400 Hours

Our future manicuring professionals acquire 400 hours of coursework. The...


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Instructor Training | 500 hours

Our Instructor Trainee Professonal begins in a junior class for 350 hours before ...


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Natural Hair Culturist | 400 HOURS

The Natural Hair Culturist Program is a comprehensive training program...


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Michigan State Board Refreshers Course

In the state of Michigan, your hours never expire. This course is for individuals...

3. Attend admissions interview.

4. Once a student has been admitted, orientation date is set.

Training Requirement

1. Long Periods of Standing

2. Develop Artistic Eye & Finger Dexterity

3. Black & Gray Stylish Professional Attire

4. Attendance is mandatory (see program schedule)

5. Develop Reading, Comprehension & studying skills

To Get Started:

1. Complete the Enrollment Application

2. Attend an admissions open house to tour, bring in required documents, complete admissions paperwork, and schedule admissions interview.

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Basic Requirement

1. At least 17 years of age

2. Valid Picture ID

3. High School Diploma (or) G.E.D

4. Once a student has been admitted, orientation date is set.

Get in Touch

Feel free to contact us.

The Salon Professional School of Cosmetology is waiting to hear from you.

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